Hard-working messaging for underdog brands.

If “what to say and how to say it” is keeping your smallish business from making big moves, Mightyfine is for you.


Kick more ass, take more names.

One breakthrough day to get crystal clear on the Platform, Position, People, Pitches, and Personality that make your smallish business a big friggin deal.

Mighty Clinic

Help is on the way.

Nail your in-progress website copy/ proposal/ presentation/ breakup letter with focused 1:1 attention.


Say it like you mean it.

Put some strategy behind your language to make every word work harder (and sound great, too).

Hey, I’m Betsy.

I believe in underdog businesses.

The big guys might have more manpower and resources, but you have what they don’t: feisty creativity, mad scrappiness, and brilliant, singular magic.

Your industry—and your clients—need you in the game.

Being able to articulate your value is critical to staying there.

(Wanna read that again?)

As an underdog business, decisive messaging *IS* your competitive advantage when it comes to connecting with your people, reaching your next phase, rolling with the punches, and keeping the doors open day to day.

If your messaging is murky, you can’t land the golden clients you need in order to grow. And eventually, you’ll get drowned out altogether.

(Don’t worry, we’re not gonna let that happen.)

MightyFine is all about sharpening your brand messaging so you can jump-start your business chutzpah and find solid footing for your next big move.

(That’s what we all want, right?)

I’m a brand strategist, creative director and writer with a long marketing agency CV and a smorgasboard of big brand experience under my belt.

I work with businesses I genuinely believe in and companies that make me excited to see what they can do next.

Want to see how it’s done?

"Betsy was able to cut through the noise to hone our message and our voice. It was great to have an outside expert who understands the psychology of language. Loved having her experience applied to our brand. "
Laura McCoy, Principal,
McCoy Design
“You helped us unify our brand in a way that has never been done. You really helped us articulate what makes PENCIL so special!”
Kiley Johnson, Director of Events and Marketing,
“You put into words what we have tried to say for 15 years. That can only change us for the better!
Danielle McDaniel, Owner + Founder,
The Clay Lady’s Campus