Brand Strategy, Messaging, and Copywriting for Creative Entrepreneurs

I’ll help you find the brilliance in your brand.

(even if you can’t see it right now).

You don’t have to tear your brand down to the studs to get your story straight. Let’s get the right words and ideas in your hands so you can grow business NOW.

Mighty Messaging Strategy

One hardworking day to define the strategic words and concepts that’ll make your audience stand up and say “Holy bananas, I need THAT.”


Get 1:1 help working through your in-progress website copy/ proposal/ video script/ presentation/ grocery list.


Let’s put some strategy behind your language to make every word work harder (and make it sound great, too).

So, you’re not a writer
or a “brand person.”

Perfect. I’m not a kickass graphic designer, a healthcare software genius, a brilliant community nonprofit, or a high-end balloon artist.

We’re going to work great together.

I started Mightyfine Words to help smart, scrappy businesses slam-dunk communication with their customers at every turn.

I work with businesses I genuinely believe in and companies that make me excited to see what they can do next.

Is that you?

Powerful brand strategy in one MightyFine Day.

You want to know how to articulate the value of what you do, but it feels impossible to see the label from inside the bottle.

No matter how awesome your business is, if your brand message isn’t clear, you audience isn’t buying… or even listening.

Mighty Messaging Strategy is my built-for-action, branding-meets-copy process for helping you create the brand clarity and business chutzpah you need to make your next big move.


A roll-up-your-sleeves, one-day intensive for busy business owners and leaders


A clear brand framework
to build on


Strategic messaging, language,
and concepts


Powerful go-to language to push the right buttons with your people

... And a creative strategist and copywriter (me) in your corner for whatever comes next.

"When you’re so close to your work, it can be hard to summarize because the passion pours over. My passion and voice still came through, but more concise, direct, and action driven. That was a game changer. I felt a tremendous peace of mind knowing Betsy would be able to communicate my message in my voice but with her wordsmith magic.”

Karen Allen, Founder, 100% Human

“We have a strong internal creative team with an international reach, however, Betsy always brings a necessary fresh perspective. We take our role as caretakers of an iconic American brand very seriously and greatly value the insights Betsy brings in helping us stay true to our story.”

Daniel Bell, Director Creative and Marketing Services, Opry Entertainment Group

"Betsy helped me crystallize my brand message, verbal identity, and communication. Clear positioning made all the difference when it came to creating my website."

Laurie Copithorne, Founder and Executive Strategist, Food for Health

"Betsy was able to cut through the noise to hone our message and our voice. It was great to have an outside expert who understands the psychology of language. Loved having her experience applied to our brand.

Amanda Henley, Director of Marketing, Vaco

Untangle your brand, one email at a time.

What’s short, helpful, and won’t clog your inbox? Occasional (promise!) emails from mightyfine.

You’re in!

See you in the ole inboxeroo with dad jokes, observations, and practical messaging ideas to help you understand your brand.

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