What's a Copyshot?

Here’s what I know as a writer: copy problems are often brand voice problems in disguise. When copy clients ask for help pulling words together, when they really need help pulling their “WTF” together. Cart, horse, etc.

So I pulled the best tricks out of my branding bag and made Copyshot: part brand voice sharpener, part copy cheat-sheet to keep your message true and steady, no matter who’s in charge of the words.

The PB&J of Branded Content.

Core Copy

A ready-to-use bundle of the most common (and useful!) copy pieces clients hire me to write.

Verbal Identity 

A fool-proof framework for translating your brand into words, no matter who’s writing or speaking.

With your Core Copy in one hand and your Verbal Identity in the other, you’re unstoppable.

Create great copy on the fly. Slam-dunk an email. Pitch to a new client. Update your proposals. Spruce up your social media. Impress your investors. Make a sale. Build a loyal fan base. 
Say what you mean so you can keep doing what you love.

Messaging Session

In this 1:1 session, we’ll dig deep into your company’s big picture: your customers, vision, competition, challenges, victories, roadblocks. Bring everything to the table, especially your word hurdles and head-to-desk moments. We’ll talk through everything, then I’ll get to work.

Core Copy:
Foundations you can use
again and again*

that one thing you’re dreading writing right now

*Copy pieces may vary depending on your specific needs.

Verbal Identity:
Your go-to brand voice guide
Sharpening Session

We’ll walk through your Copyshot together, so you’ll know exactly how and when to use your Verbal Identity and Core Copy. You’ll ask questions, I’ll make tweaks, and we’ll get everything tightened up and ready for you to use.

Check-in Support

Try it on and see how it fits. As a part of your Copyshot, you’ll get 3 Power Hours with me (one per month) to help you tweak and evolve your messaging and copy as you put everything into practice.

Grab the next Copyshot!

I take on one Copyshot at a time so I can devote my full attention to each one.
Hop on the list, and I’ll be in touch ASAP with pricing and a scheduling estimate.


Copyshot Sidecars

Copyshot pairs perfectly with related branding projects (and a bold gouda).  Bundle it up and your budget will thank you.


Product Naming


Company tagline


Logo/ visual brand review and refresh
(with partners)


Website Copy Refresh 


Evergreen printed collateral
(with partners)

Small agencies and creative solopreneurs:

Do your clients need Copyshot?

Let’s partner up.

Copyshot folds in beautifully as a part of your agency’s branding engagement, logo project, website overhaul, or communication plan, and it’s a pretty powerful value-add for your clients. I’ll scrub in as part of your team and create the tools you and your client need to get their story straight and their words in order, stat. 


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