Mighty Clinic

One a la carte hour. No strings attached.

Get constructive feedback and messaging help for whatever you’re working on.
(Yes, even that).

Mighty Cinic is a one-time, 1:1 session for getting unstuck.

Bring up to 4 pages of written content (ideas, drafts, you name it) to this session, tell me what you want to accomplish, and we’ll make a plan to get you there.

Want my brain on your thing?

Get on my calendar.

You’re stuck. It happens.

You (or someone else) wrote something for your business and it sounds fake or flat instead of packing a branded punch.

You wrote something you think you like and need someone to get excited with you… and check your blindspots, just to be sure.

You’ve got a homepage, sales page, or other chunk of content drafted but need to run it through an outside filter before you put it in front of your audience.

You’ve written a couple of versions, and you can’t decide which one is THE ONE. You need help weighing the options (or combining the strongest points of both).

You’re so in the middle of your content, you can’t tell if it’s working anymore. You need unbiased, objective feedback so you can see it through the eyeballs of your audience.

It’s too damn long and you need to shape it up/ slim it down, stat.

You need on-the-spot guidance, stat.

What if someone OUTSIDE of your business could take a close look, consider all the angles, and help you figure out the way forward?

Sound like what you need?

Mighty Clinic was made for all kinds of “oh shit” moments.
One a la carte hour to get help and feedback on whatever you want.

Messaging Clinic is great for:

  • Sharpening your existing branded materials so they work harder
  • Getting a tiny taste of what it’s like to work with me in Mighty Messaging Strategy
  • Getting feedback on your work / poking holes in what you’ve got
  • Evaluating your existing copy and messaging
  • Getting solid, do-it-now recommendations for tightening copy or strengthening talking points
  • Making a plan for what should come next

Messaging Clinic is

  • YOUR 1:1, 45-minute session to dig into whatever you’re working on right now – you decide what that is
  • A chance to get objective, real-time feedback on copy, messaging, concept, or all three
  • A great way to get un-stuck and shake off your analysis paralysis
  • A practical polishing session for alllllmost-there drafts
  • A way to get objective recommendations, ideas, and direction

Messaging Clinic isn’t

  • A co-writing or live-writing session
  • A wide-open “pick my brain” time
  • A miracle, magic bullet
  • A substitute for messaging strategy (If you’re into that, head here.)

Ready for some in-the-trenches help?


Book your Mighty Clinic Session!*

*Payment due at booking


Send me your draft, offer, or concept at least 24 hours before we meet.


Show up ready to talk it out. We’ll get it sorted so you can get it DONE.

Get my objective eyes and ears on your thing.

For a flat $350 fee,* you get my brain for whatever you need.

*$275 for current and former Mighty Messaging Strategy Clients

I’m Betsy.

I get it – sometimes you don’t need the whole messaging/ branding/ copy enchilada, especially with deadlines breathing down your neck.

Maybe your copy just doesn’t feel right and you need a few language tweaks; maybe the whole thing’s a hot mess and you need someone to take you by the shoulders, sit you down, and help you breathe into a brown paper bag.

Or (and this is probably the case) maybe you just need someone to look it over, tell you you’re off to a great start, and give you a few pointers to make it AWESOME.

That’s where I come in.

It’s not going to get better by itself.

(And it’s probably not as bad as you think.)

Go ahead, get on my calendar.

What else do you want to know?

Do I have to be an existing MightyFine client to book a Messaging Clinic?

Nope. Any and all are welcome.

Do I have to have a draft of something to work with?

Yes, for a couple of reasons.
• I need to get up to speed before our session to make our time together efficient and valuable.
• We need something to work with.

However, “draft” can mean a lot of things – a basic framework for a new offer, a chunk of a proposal you’re trying to re-shape, a newsletter you’re mapping out, a whole slew of tagline options, or an About page that’s giving you trouble.

Can you meet with my team?

If your team is 2 or fewer humans, yes. If it’s more than that, no.

Can you meet with my team?

If you need more than 45-60 minutes, we’re probably in copywriting or messaging strategy territory.

Check that out here.

What’s the pricing for this?

An easy-breezy $350 flat fee, or $275 for MightyFine Clients.

Untangle your brand, one email at a time.

What’s short, helpful, and won’t clog your inbox? Occasional (promise!) emails from mightyfine.

You’re in!

See you in the ole inboxeroo with dad jokes, observations, and practical messaging ideas to help you understand your brand.

PS: If you signed up for emails because you’re thinking about Mighty Messaging Strategy, go ahead and get on my calendar now.

We’ll chat and I’ll answer any questions you have live and in person. No pressure. No weirdness. Promise.