Mighty Messaging Strategy

A one-day intensive for translating your day-to-day business into a loud-and clear brand.

Take your brand from

All you have to do is show up ready to think out loud.

In Mighty Messaging Strategy, I’m your brand therapist, messaging detective, and language technician.

Together, we’ll discover, develop, define, and document the brilliant brand hiding in your everyday business.

You’ll start making bold moves and doing the big stuff you’ve been putting off—pitching bigger clients, revamping websites, sharpening offers, adding services, raising prices—all because you’ve finally solved the mystery of what to say and how to say it.

Is this what you’ve been looking for?

We’ll both know after a quick chat.

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Let’s chat and see if Mighty Messaging Strategy is for you.

At the very least, our call will get you thinking critically about your brand.

And if you ask very nicely, I’ll recite the names of all 46 U.S. presidents in order. If you’re VERY lucky, I’ll sing them.

“If words are her strength, Betsy’s superpower is brand positioning and brand strategy. She brings so much value to every project we partner on because she’s a creative powerhouse. She elevates the conversation and pushes our leaders to think bigger. She consistently delivers on time and on budget, and I find working with her a wise investment.”

Shaunna Connor, Director of Marketing,
Lumina Foods

Your business is growing and you’re ready to kick things into high gear.

But when it comes to putting words around what makes you awesome, you stumble; or worse- confuse the people you need to charm.

You’re ready for some serious “what to say and how to say it” clarity.

You want an objective, clear picture of who you are, what you do, and why the hell it matters… so you can give your brand a swift slap on the butt and get on with growing that business you love.

If this is you, Mighty Messaging Strategy should absolutely be on your radar.

100% tried and true messaging magic, no buzzword bullshit.
Let’s see if Mighty Messaging Strategy is for you.

This is a zero-pressure Zoom call, by the way. We might even solve some of your issues on the spot, or at least get your wheels turning in a new direction.

Maybe you’ll see my dog wander through in the background.
That’d be worth it, right?

What does “after”
look like?

  • You’re 100% sure about your secret sauce and core competencies
  • You’ve unpacked the “I know who we are and what we’re about” baggage for your entire team (now and future) to use
  • You can actually pass things off because you know exactly how to direct writers, designers, and other content creators who connect you with your audience(s)
  • You’re excited about how your business shows up online and in person
  • You’ve sharpened your brand’s promises and shortened your sales cycle (Yes!)
  • You know your audience better than ever and you’re clear on what they (really) want from you and vice versa
  • You’ve tightened up your service offerings and are super clear on their value and selling angles
  • You have your messaging points defined, organized, and clearly documented just one click away so you can copy, paste, and share exactly what you need
  • You’re using your Quick Pitch Framework like an old pro, nailing everything from emails and proposals to presentations and website copy
  • You’re writing your own day-to-day content in-house without blinking an eye because you have a mini library of words, phrases, topics, and ideas at your fingertips
  • You finally feel confident writing, talking, and posting about your business and what you have to offer, because you know exactly how and why it’s valuable.
(Feels mighty fine, doesn’t it?)

If you’re looking for traditional branding, keep on walking.

Most “branding” formulas toss a few generic key words your way, mix in some empty flattery to fluff you up, and jump right into the sexy, flashy visuals: logos, colors, fonts, layouts, photo shoots. You get a PDF slide deck that looks good, says nothing.

(I know, because I’ve helped create a slew of them with different agencies over the years).

Mighty Messaging Strategy is the opposite of that.

It’s about untangling the guts of your brand FIRST, defining the messaging points that put the wind in your brand’s sails, and using that clarity to build better… well, everything else.

Mighty Messaging Strategy is

  • An objective, meet-you-where-you-are messaging strategy makeover
  • A just-for-you online resource packed with clear messaging tools you can use right away
  • A 1:1 relationship with a seasoned strategist (me)
  • The prerequisite for copywriting and creative direction with me
  • A customized process for zeroing in on what makes your business awesome without covering up what makes you you
  • Built (and priced) for creative entrepreneurs and underdog businesses

Mighty Messaging Strategy isn’t

  • A down-to-the-studs rebrand
  • A marketing silver bullet (sorry, that’s not a thing)
  • A mastermind group, coaching program, or canned digital course
  • A pretty brand deck that’s more splash than substance
  • A visual “paint job” product with logos, colors, and type treatments
  • A bank-breaking investment made for the big corporate clients

Here’s how it works:

1. Session Prep

You (and your team) get online access to my specific set of brand messaging exercises. You’ll start thinking objectively about your brand: where it’s been, where it is now, and where you want it to go.

I’ll use your responses to create a tailored framework for our Messaging Intensive session.

2. Messaging Intensive

We’ll spend a day working 1:1 to answer the big, meaty brand identity questions that will become the framework for your brand identity. This isn’t a fluffy guided workSHOP; it’s a roll-up-your-sleeves, get-into-it workDAY.

I’ll guide you toward strategic, creative decisions in three vital areas: Brand positioning, strategic messaging, and voice/personality.

3. Brand Manual

I’ll organize, document and translate all of the brand brilliance from our Messaging Intensive into your comprehensive Brand Manual. Forget your grandma’s clunky slide deck; this is a fully functional mini-site designed by my amazing partners and housed at its own URL.

Reference, copy, paste, and share to your heart’s content.

What’s in the Manual, you ask? We’ll talk about it on our call. Book yours here.

You choose your session style.

Session Series

Roll up your sleeves and learn by doing.

Schedule three collaborative strategy sessions over consecutive weeks, with personalized homework assignments in between.

Three 1:1 or Group Brand Therapy Sessions, 2 hours each*

Session 1: Core Concepts and Audience
Session 2: Theme Threads and Positioning
Session 3: Personality and Voice

Three 30-minute Messaging Clinic Sessions over the next 8 weeks to get constructive feedback and extra eyeballs on your content and ideas as you bring your new messaging to life. (Use ‘em or don’t; but know they’re there if you need them!)

Session Series is a great way to bring multiple perspectives to the table, or break a full day of 1:1 collaboration into smaller chunks over consecutive weeks.

*Online only; up to 5 participants

One-Day Messaging Intensive

Dig in and get it done in one MightyFine day.

Block a full day for three back-to-back brand therapy sessions, jam-packed with guided exercises and brainstorming breakouts to help you uncover and shape solid messaging from the mess.

ONE intensive Strategy Session, 9am – 3pm (with breaks for lunch and sanity)

One-day Intensive is a chance to get right-away clarity before starting a website or other project, or get your messaging sorted in one shot within your busy schedule.

*Online only; up to 3 participants

MightyFine Add-Ons

(additional investment)


Website content strategy, website copy, product and place naming, Copy Vault, and more – fold your copy needs into Mighty Messaging Strategy and get it all done in one bold, beautiful move.

Visual Identity

You have a documented, intentional MightyFine brand framework; now it’s time to build the sexy, fun visual identity to express it. I’ll hook you up with the best designers in the biz and stay on the project as your creative director/ brand liaison from start to finish.

Full Website

Look no further, I have the smartest, most charming, and outrageously efficient design/ dev/ digital marketing partners in the land. I’ll stay on as creative director/ brand liason and we’ll build a just-right site for your business and your budget.

Want to grab the next Mighty Messaging Strategy?

I take on a limited number of Mighty Messaging Strategy clients at a time so I can give you everything I’ve got. Want dibs on the next spot?

I’m Betsy.

Mighty Messaging Strategy was born because as a copywriter and creative director, I needed a practical “brand owner’s manual” that stretched beyond colors and fonts. Something that outlined what a brand stood for, how it behaved, what it sounded like, and what in the world it was trying to say to the world. A tool to make my job easier.

I didn’t find it, so I made it.

And I quickly realized this message-shaping tool wasn’t about getting what *I* needed. It was actually a powerful process for sharpening my clients’ brand and business vision.

Mighty Messaging Strategy came together like a cartoon snowball over about a decade, picking up bits and pieces inspired by my clients’ real-world needs. It’s all grown up now: a bigger, smarter, strategically collaborative process for helping entrepreneurs clean up their messaging quickly and efficiently, top to bottom, no costly rebrand required.

Mighty Messaging Strategy is a road-tested process created, curated and adapted from best practices and ideas across all sorts of industries over 18+ years in this business. Sprinkle my experience and intuition on top and there you go – that’s the not-so-secret recipe.

I’ve used this approach to help nimble startups zero in on their singular magic and guide big, bulky corporations toward strategic brand consensus. It’s a versatile, adaptable process with endless possibilities; my favorite application is helping established entrepreneurs sharpen their voices and position for the next big thing.

(After all, I’m an entrepreneur, too).

Are you ready to:

  • Know you’re pushing the right buttons with your people online and in real life?
  • Work with someone who takes a genuine interest in your business and what you can create?
  • Follow a straightforward creative roadmap for your brand?
  • Get confident and clear about what makes your business special (and why it matters)?
  • Get better work out of your copywriters, designers, and team?
  • Update the way you think about, talk about, and promote your business?
  • Know what to say and how to say it, every. Single. Time?

Let’s talk about how you get there.

Let’s find the brand buried in your business.


First: Book a Quick Call to see if Mighty Messaging Strategy is for you.


Next: If we’re both like “YES!”, I’ll send a detailed proposal and schedule.


And Then: We’re off to the races, and you can check “figure everything out” off your list.

Untangle your brand, one email at a time.

What’s short, helpful, and won’t clog your inbox? Occasional (promise!) emails from mightyfine.

You’re in!

See you in the ole inboxeroo with dad jokes, observations, and practical messaging ideas to help you understand your brand.

PS: If you signed up for emails because you’re thinking about Mighty Messaging Strategy, go ahead and get on my calendar now.

We’ll chat and I’ll answer any questions you have live and in person. No pressure. No weirdness. Promise.