"Who is Walter Fontaine?" and other FAQ's

Is this a copywriting business?

Shortest answer: yes. People hire me when they need to know what to say and how to say it. I write the words and wrangle the messages behind them so they pack a bigger, more meaningful punch.

Want to hear the whole story?

I’ll be brief: I toiled (happily!) in the ad agency world for a decade or so as a copywriter, brand strategist, and creative leader. The last time I stashed my lunch in a corporate office fridge, it was as the Associate Creative Director for a wonderful mid-sized branding agency here in Nashville, TN.

I started this business in 2013 to bring those creative services to businesses who may not need a giant agency partner, but still need the strategic brainpower. Sometimes that means serving my own clients directly; sometimes it’s working with other creative pros who need a clutch copy and messaging partner to knock it out of the park for their clients.

Bottom line: I’m an entrepreneur too, and I want us ALL to do well doing what we love.

You need copy. Why should you care about messaging?

Because figuring out what to say and how to say it is one of the most important things you can do for your business. When it comes to the holy trinity of Know, Like, and Trust, your audience craves clarity first. And since they’re the people who will make or break your business, it makes sense to give ’em what they want.
Copyshot was made for this.

Should you just do this stuff yourself?

I mean, you could. You could also cut your own hair, or DIY your own eye exam*, or bring that knee surgery in-house. You’ve got enough on your plate. If you don’t have the time to cram more than a decade of professional copywriting and brand experience into your life, I’ll bring mine. You can use it for as long as you need it.

Did somebody say, “branding is bullsh*t?”

Right, that was me. Here’s the thing: building a solid brand is super important. But brandING — the industry– has become a bit of a snake-oil fest, where small-ish businesses often get taken advantage of or left out of the party entirely. I want to change that.

I’ve been all around this branding block and I’m here to tell you: it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to get your story straight. It’s okay to save the deep-dive into your brand’s tender feelings and favorite bedtime stories for another time and a cushier, dreamier budget. Let’s get the right words and ideas in your hands so you can grow business NOW.

What’s this about Mary Poppins?

Though I lack a plucky accent and bird-like singing voice, I am a seasoned pro with a fathoms-deep bag of tools to help you get your story straight and tell it well. I show up and plug in exactly where you need me, for precisely as long as you need me, and then pop my umbrella and move on to the next heart-of-gold business that’s itching for a little messaging clarity. Super-copy-fragi-something-like-that.

Want to sharpen your messaging with me?

Let’s do this! Drop me a line here and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Need me to write your copy
(or your client’s)?

Sweet. Introduce yourself here and we’ll talk (with our real, human voices!) ASAP.

Wait, what about Walter Fontaine?

Just saving the best for last. 

*BREAKING: Just learned that DIY eye exams are a thing. What a time to be alive.


Naming names: clients and partners

American Addiction Centers
American Heart Association*
Americana Music Triangle
Aquinas College
Artisan Pasta*
Cheekwood Arts and Gardens
Clariture Health
Clear the Air Tennessee
Cracker Barrel
Delta Dental*
Frankl Creative
Friends of Radnor Lake
Governor’s Books from Birth*
Grand Ole Opry

Hanger Prosthetics*
Healthier Tennessee*
High Note Gifts
IKON construction*
International Bluegrass Hall of Fame*
J Walken Chicken*
Johnston & Associates
Latitude 36*
Lumina Foods
Muletown Digital
Ole Red
Opry Entertainment Group

Ryman Auditorium
Shakti Power Yoga
Sketch Creative
SongBird Tours*
Sullivan Branding
Symbion Healthcare*
Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities*
Tennessee Craft*
Tennessee Department of Tourist Development*
Tennessee State University
Tennessee Trails and Byways*
Teresa White
Xolis Health

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