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What’s the MightyFine story?

Mightyfine Words is me, Betsy Snyder, plus an occasional crew of expert partners here to help you get your brand’s act together so you can keep doing what you love. I’m a brand strategist, creative director, copywriter, and fellow entrepreneur with about a decade’s worth of experience in the traditional ad agency world*– more than enough time to know that the bloated old branding approach (bless its heart) doesn’t work for every business.

I started MightyFine Words in 2013 to bring high-level creative services to businesses who don’t need (or want) a giant agency partner, but still need the strategic brainpower.

This business doesn’t fit into a neat little box, and that’s what makes it work; It’s a messaging strategy/ copywriting hybrid where I get to be your brand therapist, copywriter, and creative director all at once.

I get to do the things I love for people who love their businesses as much as I love mine. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s a dream.

*The last time I stashed my lunch in a corporate office fridge, I was the Creative Director for a wonderful mid-sized branding agency here in Nashville, TN.

“Small and mid-sized businesses with fresh, weird (and not-so-weird) ideas deserve a chance to compete. I love giving them the tools to show up bigger and bolder.”

How’d you make Mighty Messaging Strategy?

It’s the universal story of invention: I needed it and couldn’t find it, so I made it.

The idea for Mighty Messaging Strategy started simmering way back in my ad agency days as the “brand care and feeding manual” I wished for as a young writer.

The deeper I dove into copywriting, I saw that my entrepreneur clients were so wrapped up in the day-to-day of what made their business viable, they weren’t able to articulate what made it valuable.

That’s not a copy problem. That’s a brand problem.

I call it “buried brand syndrome” – entrepreneurs who have all kinds of brand brilliance knocking around in their processes, products and approach but are so far into their business that they can’t read the label from inside the bottle. When I shifted my focus to messaging strategy, things started happening for my clients; they were finding new clarity and long-elusive answers that set them up to make bigger, bolder moves. Copy was just the icing on the cake.

Taaa daaa! Fast forward through a decade of road-testing, organic growth, and intentional evolution and you have Mighty Messaging Strategy, the cornerstone of my work.

Mighty Messaging Strategy is my practical, branding-meets-copy process for helping you discover, develop, define, and document the brilliant brand hiding in your everyday business.

Did I spin MMS out of thin air overnight? Oh my stars, I’m no wizard. Just a seasoned brand strategist who’s been around the block, cut through the bullshit, and sharpened the most useful tools for helping people reach conclusions quickly and precisely.

TL;DR: Don’t have 18+ years of brand messaging and creative direction under your belt? You can use mine.

Want in on Mighty Messaging Strategy?

So, are you a copywriter?

Yes, but.

Can you show me an example?

Not exactly. By nature, Mighty Messaging Strategy is internal and therefore proprietary (underwear, remember?) for me and for my clients.

From this


To this

Here’s a quick rundown of borderline-specific situations when Mighty Messaging Strategy knocked it out of the park:
  • A global entertainment company launching a celebrity-led “eatertainment” restaurant with big brand foundation gaps
  • A time-honored music venue claiming its legacy in a swiftly changing tourist town
  • A digital marketing agency with a brilliant, turn-the-industry-on-its-ear approach that puts the other guys to shame
  • A small-but-mighty environmental graphic design firm with the chops and savvy to take on the big guys
  • A fitness expert with deep wellness wisdom to share beyond training
  • A country music institution making a big brand gamble in Times Square
  • A statewide literacy nonprofit with an outgrown, too-small mission
  • A super cool prosthetics nonprofit ready to step into its next phase
  • A community college foundation with an unexpressed (but powerful) equity mindset

Want more answers?

I can fill in the questions for you on our call. It’ll be like Jeopardy. Which I should have added below, because yelling out Jeopardy answers—correct or not— is one of my greatest joys.

Proudly East Nashville for 20+, sometimes-vegan, Indiana native, IU Bloomington grad, creative writing major/ fine arts minor, psychosocial rehabilitation case manager (believe it or not), voracious fiction reader, tarot beginner, coffee hound, dog mom, Leo/Cancer cusp, person mom x2, peach, summer, thrifting, happily partnered up since 2002, cult documentaries, moon watcher, Wes Anderson, forest green, Cards Against Humanity actually sucks, plain pasta with butter and salt, six, Seinfeld, Golden Hour Salon, hiking, multiple notebooks, Muletown Digital, dusting, a mean pie crust that’ll make your granny jealous, peanuts, Italy, and how old would you guess?

“Betsy helped us boil down the many things we do into easily digestible buckets and connect the dots so it’s clear and easy to understand. It’s already been extremely helpful in onboarding new staff, orienting new board members, and crafting pieces for donors. This process not only helped identify our brand, it will keep us on brand going forward!”

Lauren Bell, Executive Director, Nashville State Community College Foundation
Lumina Foods

“We have a strong internal creative team with an international reach, however, Betsy always brings a necessary fresh perspective. We take our role as caretakers of an iconic American brand very seriously and greatly value the insights Betsy brings in helping us stay true to our story.”

Daniel Bell, Director Creative and Marketing Services, Opry Entertainment Group

"Talking through our goals and brainstorming with Betsy was incredibly valuable. We needed someone to analyze and organize everything we were saying about our brand into a nice, consistent package. We’ll use this work in all areas of our business—recruiting, social, branding, etc. We have so many fresh ideas and a clear message now!"

Ashley Kennedy, Marketing Manager, Lumina Foods

Betsy has the unique ability to be concise, on-point and clever all at the same time. In my 20+ years in marketing, I have successfully stumbled across that lethal combination only couple of times. She’s my go-to when I need something that nails our brand voice- every single time- on the first draft.”

Amanda Henley, Director of Marketing, Vaco

Want my hot-take thoughts on your brand?

Naming names: Clients and Partners

American Addiction Centers
American Heart Association*
Americana Music Triangle
Aquinas College
Artisan Pasta*
Big Brothers Big Sisters*
Cheekwood Arts and Gardens
CK Health and Fitness
Clariture Health
The Clay Lady*
Clear the Air Tennessee
Cracker Barrel
Delta Dental*
Deneka Design
Financial Management Solutions
Frankl Creative
Friends of Radnor Lake
GOAL Collective*
Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation*
Grand Ole Opry

Hanger Prosthetics*
Healthier Tennessee*
High Note Gifts
IKON construction*
International Bluegrass Hall of Fame*
J Walken Chicken*
James K Polk Home and Museum*
Johnston & Associates
Latitude 36*
Lukin Center*
Lumina Foods
Made in TN
McCoy Design
Muletown Digital
Music City CEOs*
Nashville State Community College Foundation
Nashville’s Big Backyard
Ole Red
Opry Entertainment Group
Paradise Vet Hospital*

Pedestal Foods
PENCIL Foundation*
Raphah Institute*
Ryman Auditorium
Singer Sewing Company*
Shakti Power Yoga
Sketch Creative
SongBird Tours*
Sullivan Branding
Symbion Healthcare*
Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities*
Tennessee Craft*
Tennessee Department of Tourist Development*
Tennessee State University
Tennessee Trails and Byways*
Teresa White
United Way of Middle Tennessee*
Xolis Health

*Powered by Mightyfine: messaging and copywriting in collaboration with agencies and creative partners

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