Yep, I can write that for you.

Blank page staring you down? I’m here to save you time and Advil. Copywriting is my favorite kind of detective work: part method, part intuition, and always a rush when the pieces fall into place. Nerdy but true.

How can I help?

When you need the magic words:

Copywriting Services

You know what you’re trying to say and who you’re talking to, but need help getting the words on the page. Dump all the gory details in my lap and I’ll deliver tight, professional, on-message copy that sells.

When you need a solid online presence:

Website Copy

Writing for the web is different than writing for… anything else. The words are just as important as the user experience they create, and I write for both. I’ll work with your development and design teams to make sure every word on the page does its job.

When you need outside eyes:

Polishing Session

You know your finished draft is not where it needs to be, but you don’t know how (or don’t have time) to fix it. Send it my way for a tune-up, or we can go through your work line by line together to shine it up for your adoring public.

When you need an extra brain:

Creative Consult

You have some ideas to explore, but you could use an objective creative leader to shake things up, break up the ruts, bring some new ideas to the table, and work with you (or your team) to nail it… whatever “it” is.

When you need the whole toolbox:


I’m damn good at this copywriting thing, but everything you see here is stronger and more efficient with a copyshot behind it. Why not start there?

When your project is bigger, badder wolf:

Graphic Design, Website Development, Video Production

…kind of. I’m full of opinions about this stuff, but I leave the actual work to the pros. Need to bring in a vetted collaborator, assemble an A-team, or just need a solid referral?

I’ll write just about anything, but here’s what makes my day:



Sales Sheets


Campaign Concepts and Lines


Email Campaigns


Print and Online Collateral 


Video Scripts




Product Names and Taglines

Are you a Nonprofit?

This part is for orgs like yours.

Nonprofits are a different animal altogether when it comes to messaging strategy. That’s why I’ve partnered with nonprofit-sector specialist Stone + Steel Creative to create a nonprofits-only messaging process.

We’ll help you find the right words and ideas to engage supporters, resonate with the public, and keep up the good work – literally.

Why do nurses carry red crayons?

What’s short, helpful, and won’t clog your inbox? Occasional (promise!) emails from mightyfine.