Copywriting + Content

Strategic copywriting and ongoing creative help to bring your Mighty Messaging Strategy to life.

General Copywriting

From proposals and brochures to product descriptions and info sheets, my team and I have you covered. Dump all the gory details in my lap, and we’ll deliver tight, professional, on-brand copy that sells.

Prerequisite: Mighty Messaging Strategy

Copy Vault

Get a full suite of done-for-you content essentials you can copy, paste, and reuse for just about anything. Copy Vault includes an About page, Elevator Pitch, Conversation Starters, Executive bios, Small, Medium, and Longer company descriptions, Go-to headlines and more.

Prerequisite: Mighty Messaging Strategy

Website Copy

Copywriting for a website is different than writing for anything else. The words are just as important as the user experience they create, and I write for both. I’ll work with your development and design teams to make sure every word on the page does a bang-up job.

Prerequisite: Mighty Messaging Strategy

Product and Place Naming

Get 5-7 original name and tagline options that align with your brand and fit your product or service like a glove. Includes basic trademark and URL search.

Prerequisite: Mighty Messaging Strategy or Mighty Messaging Clinic

Want to fold your copy project into your Mighty Messaging Strategy?

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Can I hire you just to write my copy?

Short answer: Not exactly.

Mighty Messaging clients get exclusive access to copywriting with me because I know them. I get them. I understand their audiences and goals and I’m invested in cheering them on. Once we’ve been in the trenches of Mighty Messaging Strategy together, you can bet your bottom dollar I know your brand backward and forward.

And guess what? That’s the sweet spot I want to write from.

As a Mighty Messaging Strategy Client, you have your very own ad hoc creative department: my totally up-to-speed, steeped-in-your-brand brain ready to swoop in on your copy whenever you need me, Mary Poppins style.

Untangle your brand, one email at a time.

What’s short, helpful, and won’t clog your inbox? Occasional (promise!) emails from mightyfine.

You’re in!

See you in the ole inboxeroo with dad jokes, observations, and practical messaging ideas to help you understand your brand.

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